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You living for God...

“You living for God, living in joy, is a massive way to strike back at the devil who wants to turn out all the lights and drench you in anxiety and despair. Don’t let him.” - Owen Strachan

Last week after feeling like I was too close to crossing the line into being all-consumed by the woes of the world, I came across these words and they’ve been running through my head ever since. Not only do I want to live in joy + live for God but doing so is the biggest clap back to Satan, the ruler of darkness. He wants us consumed. He wants us to feel despair. He wants us to feel afraid, but I will not give him the satisfaction.

Right now the small lense I see through paints a picture of a world war between good and evil with dark forces and secret combinations fighting hard. We know in the end the truth always wins. Good always wins. GOD WINS.

So while we wait, while we share truth, while we stand up against injustice, we live with joy. We stand boldly and unafraid. We have fun and make memories. We dance in the kitchen. We sing His praises because in a world full of darkness there is still so much good. We shine light into that darkness but we aren’t consumed by it. We stay informed but we rest when weary. We fill our cups with enough light and goodness that we BECOME the burning light that the darkness cannot put out, no matter how strong the winds and storms may blow. We strike back at the devil with our laughter, our peace, our faithfulness, our love for all humans.

“All my life you have been faithful. All my life you have been so so good. With every breath that I am able, I will sing of the goodness of God.”


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