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Hi! I'm Erin

and I am SO happy you are here!

favorite travel spot:

Hawaii forever.

a good day on the lake.

cant live without:

a good pair of sunnies!

must have accessory:

best advice:

it's more important to do what is right than to do what is popular.


describe yourself in one word:

I can stand on my head indefinitely.

secret talent:

Hi! I’m a registered nurse, wife, mother, intuitive, freedom keeping, sunshine loving girl who made the move with my family from CA to TN in search of a different way of life for my children. 

I like to think I’ve landed on a pretty good place of mixing both natural living, and western medicine (not something I use often but grateful for it when it's needed), and I love sharing that knowledge with you!

I became a Mother over 8 years ago and while there were so many things I learned as a nurse that have carried into Motherhood, there also came a need for knowledge and tools that I hadn’t learned in nursing school or in my career as a nurse.  Practical and effective ways to help MY family from within my home.  I wanted to know what to do at 3 am to help my baby without having to rush to an urgent care or an ER.  And so my journey with blending what I’d learned as a nurse, with more natural living began. 

I’m very passionate about Motherhood.  Being a Mother is one of the greatest gifts and callings.  I find so much fulfillment and inspiration in Motherhood and I hope to help you feel that, too.  There are many voices out there that will tell  you you’re doing it wrong, but I’m here to help you tap into that intuition and feel confident so you can drown out those voices with the assurance that you are doing it RIGHT!

I began sharing my journey on social media and saw that other parents were thirsty for the same thing I was; knowledge and tools.  Their intuition, like mine, was also telling them that mainstream doesn’t always mean the best way.  Pretty much every decision I’ve made in the last 8 years since becoming a mother has been the very opposite of what would be considered “mainstream.”  It isn’t always easy to walk this journey but I’m here to walk beside you in it as someone who’s been down the lonely road of asking questions and going against the grain.

As my community has grown I’ve had many ups and downs and shared many things but my mission and purpose has ALWAYS remained the same.  


I want to help you feel everyday empowerment.  

I want you to know how powerful you are.

I want you to know how incredible your intuition is.

I want to help you take ownership of your life and feel confident in your everyday decisions.  

I’m here to help guide you!     


Welcome to my corner of the internet.  I’m so happy you are here!

xo, Erin



with love



HOURS spent rocking babies






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