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You are the gatekeeper, the guardian.  It is worth taking the time to ensure you are making the right decision for your most precious gift; your child. 


These are big questions around vaccines you should know the answers to before you make decisions.  Arm yourself with knowledge because THAT is where your power comes from.  Fear largely comes from lack of understanding.  Educate yourself, so you can eliminate fear and step into your parenting choices confidently.




Undoubtedly one of the most difficult decisions a parent must make for their child.  Do we vaccinate?  If so, which ones?  And when?


Here are some questions to ask yourself, and if you don’t know the answers to them, that might give you some direction when it comes to research:

- Do you know how many vaccines a child will receive by the age of 18 if they follow the CDC schedule?  

- Do you know what’s in a vaccine?  

- Do you know what VAERS is? 

- Do you know that adverse reactions happen and what they are? 

- Have you read a vaccine insert

- Do you have an understanding of the illness in which you are giving an immunization for?

- Did you know vaccine manufacturers are free from liability if you or your child were to be injured from a vaccine?

- Does your family have a history of auto-immune or chronic illness?

- Do you know how to support your family through sickness naturally within your own home?





No one can or should make decisions around immunizations for yourself or your family. Informed consent means you've done your research, you understand the risks and benefits, and are making the best choices for your family. Here are some helpful links to help you get started:







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