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Freedom Keepers United is an inclusive global community dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of informed consent, medical freedom, and patient rights. Our mission is to provide valuable resources and education that empowers individuals to make informed decisions for their health and livelihood.

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I am a nurse who is and has ALWAYS valued freedom, bodily autonomy, and informed consent.  When it comes to any pharmaceutical product we HAVE to give informed consent.  True informed consent looks like: ensuring an individual understands the risks/rewards of a product or procedure in its entirety, and is given the freedom to choose without coercion, judgment, or bullying.

There is NO one size fits all. Discrimination based on genetic predisposition, injury, or for any other reason, is wrong. No free society should be able to mandate a product that comes with inherent risk.  Where there is risk there must be CHOICE. 


Myself and four of my amazing friends put our heads together to find a way to try and fight overreaching legislation and from there

Freedom Keepers United was born.

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our story

We each started out on our own journey talking about the uncomfortable things.  Then one by one, we found each other.  California introduced a bill, SB276 and we saw the need to unite our communities for a common purpose; freedom. A place where fellow believers in true freedom could join together to fight legislation that would remove parental rights and discriminate against children.  Late night brainstorming, strategizing, and constant communicating, Freedom Keepers was born.  


The movement took off and here we are almost two years later with a chapter in every state and nations across the entire world.  It is incredible to see what can be built from nothing and the power that we have when we unite.  Come together for one common purpose, link arms, and fight for our families; together.  There is so much strength in numbers.  


Freedom Keepers United is a non-profit organization that advocates for medical freedom, informed consent, and patient rights.  We want you to know what your rights are.  We want you to be proactive in advocating and fighting to preserve your freedoms. We want you to find community and we want you to feel supported.  Most importantly, we want you to have the FREEDOM to choose as a parent and an individual.  

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that would threaten your freedom, when there are community events in your state, or when there are calls to action.


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