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I'm here and happy to help you on your journey to more natural, healthier, + empowered living!  


I've tried to address most things on my website, my instagram, or on my blog so if you have a question be sure to take a look; I may have already answered it! Please note I cannot give personalized medical advice!

Answers to all my most frequently asked questions here:

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I want to research immunizations but I'm not sure where to start.


Any suggestions for things to try when trying to get pregnant?

I'm glad you're asking!  I believe there is no one-size fits all, and vaccines are a big decision a parent should never make until they've received informed consent, meaning they understand the full spectrum of the risks vs. the benefit.  In western medicine we sometimes only get one side of the picture, so I try my best to bring to light the lesser known facts about vaccines so you can be truly informed.  I've created a resource page where you can begin your research.  Find it HERE.

I shared my midwives fertility protocol on instagram a couple years ago and it has helped SO many!  Find it HERE!


I'm trying to clean up my beauty routine, where should I start?

I'm so excited for you! I have a whole page dedicated to simplifying that journey HERE!


How do I get started with essential oils?


I'm thinking of homeschooling my children but not sure where to start.

Awesome!  I know how big that decision can feel.  I have a whole page dedicated to homeschool, and blog posts too.  Find them HERE.


Can you tell me more about Freedom Keepers United?

The BEST way to get started is by purchasing a kit and diving in head first. Just crack those bottles open and start using them.  Once you join my team I send you a welcome email with tons of resources and links to groups, videos, etc, and I also plug you in to my private text message service for continued education, incentives, and communication.  I'm here to hep you utilize these powerful plant therapies in your home! Learn more here.

Absolutely!  Freedom Keepers United is an organization near and dear to my heart. Learn more about it HERE.


I want to have a home birth!  How do I find a midwife in my are?


Where can I your posts on health and wellness.

Yay!  So excited for you!  I'd start by joining local homebirth fb groups for your area or state and asking for recommendations.  Also a good ol' fashioned internet search for your area usually pulls them up.  Most midwives do free consultations so I'd definitely meet with as many as you can and choose the one that best fits you!  


More on home birth and birth prep HERE!


How do you handle fevers in your home?

I believe a fever is a powerful tool your body has to help defend itself.  When we fever, our body is doing it's best work at fighting off whatever is brewing inside.  I try not to do anything that will interfere with that process, rather help support the body through a fever.  Learn more by visiting THIS blog post.

I have covered many topics over the years and you can find all of my posts on my blog HERE.


Where can I learn more about pregnancy and birth?

I'm so glad you're asking!  Seeing as it is one of my very favorite topics, I have a whole page dedicated to birth and pregnancy HERE.

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