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Fertility Protocol:


I’ve been lucky enough with my first three babies to have very little trouble getting pregnant, usually only trying for a month or two. It’s not lost on me what a blessing that is. With this baby, however, that wasn’t the case, and while 6 months of trying (and a chemical pregnancy) is still relatively short, because it wasn’t my norm it left me wondering what was up. We started trying last December and in April my midwives put me on their protocol to increase fertility, and I was pregnant in May after 6 weeks on it. Now *please do not consider this medical advice.* Just take it for what it is, a mom who’s felt what it’s like to long for a baby, sharing with all you other moms what worked for her. Something else you can try if you’ve been struggling, or something you can try even if you haven’t. And if you are struggling, I’ve been there, I see you, and I’m sorry. Hang in there mama. Nothing has ever been more worth the fight. And as always please consult with your health care provider before beginning.

Here’s what they had me do:

•Oatstraw tea daily

•Red Clover tea daily

•Vitex (chaste tree berry) supplement daily •Zinc daily for your male counterpart (increases sperm motility)

•Progesterone cream, starting during the time of ovulation and then every day until a positive pregnancy test.

Once you get a positive pregnancy test you can discontinue the teas and the vitex, but double the dose of progesterone and continue until 12 weeks pregnant.

I’m not saying this will do it for you, but I hope that it will. This is obviously just a first step. Fertility can be complicated and had it taken me longer I’m sure my midwives would have added to this protocol. But it’s a place to start. It worked for me, and I did share it with someone else who had been trying, and they became pregnant after 1 month, so maybe there’s something to it. And IMO it can’t hurt to try...#erinshealthtalks


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