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Fevers are friends.

In the hospital we treated most fevers over 99 degrees with antipyretics (fever-reducing medication, usually tylenol). We thought of them as something to get rid of rather than something to let run it’s course. This thinking carried over into early motherhood when I would absolutely freak out over the slightest fever BUT I didn’t want to give my baby any medication, knowing there were undesirable side effects.

As I opted for alternatives to antipyretics I began to view fevers as something that served us rather than something to suppress. Something to be grateful for as a sign of a healthy immune system that shows up to fight off illness. I like to think of a fever as an army of good guys activated and battling the bad guys within. So now when a fever shows up I honor it, + allow it to run it’s course knowing it serves an important purpose.

Fevers are not a bad thing, rather a symptom of something happening within. The presence of a fever means your body is doing its job. Suppressing it interferes with the healing process God so perfectly designed. I know they can be scary and there are so many other factors, but in general this is how I help support our bodies through a fever. A fever is many times an important part of the healing process and maintaining a healthy body + immune system.

Here are my go-to's for supporting the body through a fever:

1. Peppermint essential oil for cooling body temps. I massage this onto the bottoms of our feet.

2. Luke warm baths with Epsom salt + melaleuca, lavender essential oil.

3. Cool washcloths to forehead.

4. Make sure to take in plenty of fluids.

5. Boost immune system with some or all of the following: zinc, vitamin A, C, and D, organic olivia immune shroom, elderberry syrup, echinacea, goldenseal, garlic, oregano, frankincense EO, silver hydrosol, and Onguard essential oil blend to feet, in the diffuser, and internally depending on age.

6. I do keep dye-free ibuprofen (NOT tylenol as it depletes glutathione, which is necessary for detoxification) on hand in case a fever does get too high for my liking and/or it’s severely interfering with sleep at night (important for recovery as well).

As always please do not consider this medical advice, just a perspective from one mom to another. Remember to always consulted with a TRUSTED HCP.

Supplements listed:

Organic Olivia Immune Shroom (all her supplements are great!)

MaryRuth Organics Supplements (I like to keep MaryRuth's zinc, vitamin A, C, D + K2, and B12 on hand).


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