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Like-minded with the Lord...

“We might be inclined to say, “Of course we can have unity — if only you would agree with me!” A better approach is to ask, “What can I do to foster unity? How can I respond to help this person draw closer to Christ? What can I do to lessen contention and to build a compassionate and caring Church community?”

When love of Christ envelops our lives, we approach disagreements with meekness, patience, and kindness. We worry less about our own sensitivities and more about our neighbor’s. We seek to moderate and unify. We do not engage in doubtful disputations, judge those with whom we disagree, or try to cause them to stumble. Instead, we assume that those with whom we disagree are doing the best they can with the life experiences they have…

I testify that as we shun contention and become like-minded with the Lord in love and united with Him in faith, His peace will be ours.”

- Dale G Renlund


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