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To the mama who just had a baby...

To all the mamas who just had a baby...

I hope you look at yourself in the mirror and see you for the goddess that you are. That the soft round tummy and stretch marks serve to remind you of the miracle you just took part in. The miracle that you now hold in your arms. You’ve been given the gift of giving life and you did it so beautifully. And now you’ve got your sweet, perfect baby in your arms.

I hope you love that baby more than anything because it loves you equally as much.

I hope you listen to those gut feelings; follow your god-given intuition in all aspects of caring for your little one.

I hope you are gentle with your baby and with yourself as each of you are navigating a new life together.

I hope you let go of all the things that don’t matter and hold on tight to the ones that do.

I hope you tune out the rest of the world which would give you a list of things you should be doing or a picture of how you should look, and just BE with your baby. No rushing. No deadlines. Soak up every moment, memorize every detail, say yes to every snuggle. Before you know it those things will fall into place as they should and you will long for these raw and tiring days, so close to the experience you just had that forever changed you.

I hope you look at yourself in that mirror with so much love and admiration in your eyes. Because you just did the bravest, biggest, most amazing thing. You did so good, mama! #erinsbirthtalks#erinsmotherhoodtalks

TBT 1 day pp with Rafe and feeling like the queen of the world 💛


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