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Tips for unmedicated birth...

So many of you believe in the purpose + power that goes hand in hand with birth but navigating having a hands-off experience can be tricky in this modern birthing-world. Here are my best tips for an unnecessary-intervention-free birth.

1. FIND YOUR WHY. Goodness this one is so important. WHY do you want to have a hands-off, medication-free, feel everything birth? What is your reason? When things get hard, when you feel like you want out, you will need a strong “why” to keep you going.

2. Educate yourself. I cannot stress this enough. When you are educated on the birthing process + possible interventions, when they’re necessary vs when they aren’t, what your options are…YOU are the one with the power. You have to take ownership of your birth experience + advocate for yourself. Many interventions are in fact unnecessary. Know your options.

3. Find your support system. People you feel safe with + can trust to protect your birth space. Let them know what you want + what you don’t. They’ll need to advocate for you during times you’re busy laboring.

4. Learn to breathe! This is such a huge part of labor that isn’t talked about enough. To a laboring mom, breath is everything. The right breathing can help a birthing mother feel calm, happy, and relaxed, all things that are conducive to a smooth + progressive labor.

5. Say NO to negative talk. End of story. Protect your mindset, your baby, and your birth space.

6. FAITH > FEAR. At the end of the day we have to have faith. We have to trust. God designed women perfectly. He gave us the ability to birth our babies without any intervention. It’s a process as natural and normal as breathing. It is a process that, with the proper prenatal care, MOST of the time, goes better when left untouched. Trust yourself + your baby. Trust that you were created for this. There is purpose in experiencing it just as God intended.

One last tip and there are so many more I could add but I feel the need to remind doesn't last forever. That pain you're feeling, that tension, it goes away completely. You get moments of full rest in between. The discomfort is temporary. And every single contraction is one step closer to your baby. It's always SO worth it in the end.

There is so much more involved in preparing for childbirth but these are my top tips. I hope they help those of you wishing to have an intervention free experience! Check out my highlights on instagram (birth prep, homebirth, birth talks, etc) for more + happy birthing. You've got this mama!



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