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Empowered Birth

Birth has been on my mind lately (often). Maybe it’s because I’m at the part where I usually decide if/when to have another baby. Maybe it’s because with each of my babies births I felt completely transformed for the better.

I had my first baby at home over 8 years ago before Instagram was a thing + certainly before it was talked about in a positive light. “You’re having your baby where? Why? That’s crazy.” A nurse choosing to have her first-born at home was largely unheard of. This was before the days of blogs, YouTube videos, reels and resources-a-plenty for education and inspiration. It felt lonely. I didn’t know many who were having or had had their babies at home, or even unmedicated for that matter. It felt a lot like me + my baby against the world, but I knew from the time I was a nursing student going through my birth rotations that home was the right place for me. When I got pregnant years later, I only felt that pull even more.

Now I see so many of you having positive, beautiful, empowering births + many of them at home. You send me your photos and share your stories with me + I can’t tell you how happy it makes me.

No matter where you decide to give birth, I want you to have the empowering, magical, intoxicating and transformative experience that you and your baby were intended to have. You owe it to yourself to explore every option, every alternative, to take ownership of your experience. This is your first step in your journey as a deliberate Mother.

Too many times birth leaves one physically or mentally injured. I know because I get those stories sent to me, too. I see a lot wrong with how we birth in America. Too much intervention. Not enough trust. But every time someone sends me a positive birth story or has a successful VBAC, etc, I think maybe things can change for the better.

I want you to know you are capable of birthing your baby. Your body contains innate wisdom in how to bring your baby into your loving arms. YOU, no one else. When you take ownership, give yourself the right tools, the right support system, you can change your experience and the trajectory of your journey into Motherhood forever 💫 #erinsbirthtalks


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