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Nearing the end of pregnancy number 4 and reminded again of the beautiful lessons in surrender that are happening now and in the coming weeks. Surrender to my body’s needs in an intuitive period of slowing down. Surrender to my body and it’s timing. Surrender to my baby and it’s own unique journey into my arms. Surrender to the pain + to the power. Surrender to the postpartum period, raw + vulnerable and so incredibly sweet. Surrender to the newborn season + sleepless nights + the exhaustion. Ohhh the exhaustion. To sacrificing my time, mind, body, and temporary ambitions to the nurturing of this new human being. Not trying to fit my soon to be new life into my old but surrendering to a new one + moving forward, making the necessary adjustments along the way. Embracing this season of change and growth and newness yet familiarity and surrender to every high and low that it brings. Opening my mind and my arms and welcoming it all. I haven’t always welcomed these changes or given up my will easily but I’ve learned that when I lean into them rather than resist I feel the most contentment and peace. Sweet surrender. #erinsbirthtalks#homebirth#birthwithoutfear


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