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stay in the newness...

2 weeks on the outside. With each baby time passes more quickly. The days fly by and inside I’m screaming “NO! Please! It’s too fast!” The fourth trimester is this dichotomy between longing to feel normal again but also wanting to freeze time and just stay. Stay on the couch with your tiny babe asleep on your chest and nothing existing outside your little bubble. Stay in the slow days. Stay in the newness. You feel raw and exposed but also so intoxicated by love + sleepless nights + newborn sounds and smells. So tired, so foggy, but so incredibly happy. I think no matter how often I experience it, no matter how many babies I have, I’ll always long for these days. These are the days that show us what we’re made of and who our hearts beat for. Being fully present with this baby on my chest and the others at my feet is right where I want to be. Two weeks with my Rafey boy have been absolute magic ✨✨✨ #erinsmotherhoodtalks


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