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Letting go...

These days leading up to birth I feel a tug of war within myself between the path I’ve been on for so long and the one that I know is before me. I feel resistance knowing there’s a major detour ahead, like the split in a river that takes you to the route that’s slower and more scenic. One that forces me to truly be present, feel every high and low, drift along quietly as the world carries on the raging river running parallel. It’s a season I haven’t always welcomed and still feel resistance towards but also know how beautiful and life changing it can be when one decides to open their arms and embrace it fully. So I begin the inner work of letting go, surrendering myself to this change in direction, reminding myself I don’t have to have everything right now. The hustle and bustle will stay where I leave it and remain when I am ready for it. Leaning into the feeling once again that life may feel like it’s passing me by for a season or two but truly without a doubt I know I will be doing my greatest work within my home and within myself. #erinsbirthtalks


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