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Just hold on...

Sometimes I sit and wonder what life will be like for my children 5, 10, 20 years from now. It’s on my mind even more lately it seems (read: constantly). Will they be able to go to school? Will church attendance be a thing of the past? Will we have peaceful nights on the lake like the one we had last week? Where will we live? What will we eat? What kind of world are they going to grow up in? I want so badly to believe things will go back to the way they were but as more time passes I’m ever more doubtful they will. A future I once seemed so sure of slipping away. I’m somewhere on my journey of acceptance with that, caught between optimism and a harsh reality. I find myself so badly longing for the childhood I had to be theirs. Growing up in the country, riding 4-wheelers to best friends houses, rope swings into neighborhood lakes, not a care in the world. Goodness, it was so good. I want so badly to give that to them. FREEDOM. Trying to figure out what that looks like for us these days and just so many unknowns. All of this to say...I’m not sure what the future holds, but I KNOW ultimately every wrong, every injustice, every hurt will be made RIGHT through Him. The house of cards that appears to be crumbling will eventually need re-building and only He knows when or how. That’s what I’m holding on to. When those feelings of fear creep in and I look around at the many evils that surround me, it’s what keeps my head above water. Eyes to see and ears to hear, friends. Have faith. Do good. Do unto others. Love each other. Hang on. Don’t give up. Somehow I just know, all will be made right again soon. Just hold on 🙏🏻💛 #erinsmotherhoodtalks#erinsfreedomtalks


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