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If last year taught me anything it’s that if I want to be successful as a homeschooling mother then I need to focus more on their hearts than what I’m putting into their heads. At the end of the day, how do I want my children to feel? Do I want them to feel loved? Adored? Confident? Like they can accomplish anything? Do I want them to develop a passion for learning? Or do I want to get through each lesson with fighting and tears and at the cost of what matters? Teaching my children to love to learn and to take ownership of their learning happens when I choose not to stress about unfollowed schedules and expectations placed on them by a system we choose to opt out of, and focus on the heart. When the heart is front and center the rest falls into place. Our children likely won’t remember the things we say or even half of the things we teach them but they will undoubtedly remember how we make them feel. It’s easier said than done in a lot of moments but falling back on the notion of “heart school” helps keep the right perspective. You don’t have to have it all together, mamas. Feed their minds, yes, but let your main focus be on nourishing their hearts 💛 #erinsmotherhoodtalks


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