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Don't give up...

Today was the first time in a long while that school didn’t feel like a battle where there’s yelling and fighting and tears. I’ve tried to give myself and them extra grace because I know we’ve all been through a lot these last couple months. Lots of big changes and big emotions. Yesterday was especially hard and for a second I thought about throwing in the towel.

Then came today and it was sweet and happy and easy and fun and we laughed and sang songs together and had wrestling matches on the floor. It was one of those days that makes your heart swell over the thought of this mom gig and how special it is.

This seemingly small breakthrough reminded me of how the brightest days often come after the darkest ones. In order to recognize the light we have to spend some time in the dark.

Whatever your dark is right now, whatever your season, I hope you keep fighting. I hope you keep digging down deep. I hope you don’t give up. Keep showing up and keep believing things will get better because they absolutely will, even if you have to sit in the dark longer than you would like. Find someone willing to sit with you in it and hold out for the sun to rise up and awaken your soul with its warm light. Things might get harder for awhile, but eventually the sun will rise.

You are doing amazing even when it feels like you aren’t. Just don’t give up. Please. I’m cheering you on always and forever.

XO, E.


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