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Dear pregnant mama...

Dear pregnant mama:

I know things are crazy right now and I know you might be feeling afraid and uncertain. I understand how strange our world is these days and how this might make this time extra stressful for you. So while you are on the most incredible journey and gift of bringing forth life, there are some things I hope you know.

I hope you know that it’s ok to feel afraid. Feeling fear beforehand is normal. When it is time for your baby to come, hormones deliver extra big doses of courage. Repeat after me. “I am safe. My baby is safe. My body was made for this.” I hope you feel you can trust in the timing of your baby + your body.

I hope you know that birth is a normal, natural process in which your body was perfectly made.

I hope you understand that there is purpose in the pain. In the discomfort. To the degree we feel pain, we feel equal parts happiness and joy.

I hope you follow your intuition. It is your truest guide and worthy of trust.

I hope you remember when the time comes that you feel like you can’t take much more, there isn’t much more to take. That’s when you know you’re so close to the end. To having your baby in your arms.

I hope you know you won’t remember the pain or how much you wanted out. The moment your sweet baby is in your arms those feelings will fade and you will feel nothing but immense love for yourself and your baby.

I hope you see how incredible you are and I hope your birth experience leaves you with the highest, strongest feelings of empowerment.

I hope you know that myself and the hundreds of thousands of women who’ve come before you are cheering you on, now and forever.

I hope you know that you have everything you need inside of you to do this very big thing. All the strength, all the power, it’s inside of you. It is you. You are powerful.

I hope you feel safe, loved, supported, and heard.

I hope that your birth experience is everything you’ve ever wanted it to be.

I hope you know you can accomplish ANYTHING you put your mind to. Because you are strong and you are fierce and you are a MOTHER. #erinsbirthtalks


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