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Why are you leaving CA?

I am a nurse who advocates for informed consent and medical freedom. I am one of the founders of Freedom Keepers United and believe whole heartedly that both HCP’s AND government should never interfere in a parents right to choose which procedures they subject themselves and their children to.

Ben and I both grew up in Northern California. We love it there. It’s the place we’ve called home for 30 years. We were chatting in the car today about how CRAZY it feels to actually be leaving. Up until a few years ago we thought we’d stay forever, raise our babies there.

If you’ve been here since early 2019 you saw the hell I went through as well as my family fighting tyrannical and discriminatory bills in our beautiful state. Back door deals and last minute date changes and shady business that ultimately led to the passing of SB276 which removed the right of thousands of children including my own to attend school. I knew throughout 2019 that it was probable the bill would pass and we would have to eventually move.

Then came D I V O C and the response has been nothing short of tyrannical.

When an environment no longer allows you to raise your children freely the way you see fit, it’s really hard to stay. So, we made the hard choice to go where we can *hopefully* get our freedom back.

Living in CA the last two years has felt oppressive for our family and we simply reached our breaking point. We felt uneasy putting down roots in a state clearly headed in the wrong direction. Our children deserve more.

If things were better politically we would stay forever. But here we are. We feel God has led us to this next place we are meant to land. We are heartbroken. We are excited and more than anything I hope we get there and finally feel like we can breathe again


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