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Black Friday Sale Roundup 2022

It's that time of year (somehow) where all your favorite everything is on sale! I've rounded up all of mine into one spot - sharing must haves from all the brands I love and support! In the world of low tox living there are plenty of clean swaps to be made. So many supplements, bio-hacking tools, and products I suggest for improving our health and wellness, not to mention gifts for friends and family, clean beauty, quality pieces of clothing and heirloom quality pots and pans...the list goes on and on.

My approach in my 9 year journey has always been, swap out what I can when I can. It doesn't have to be all at once - that would be way too overwhelming - but every swap you make can have a positive impact on your health and your life - so just start somewhere and keep going.

I'm all about making a list of things I'm wanting to get and then keeping me eyes peeled for a good sale. Let's go...


Health + Wellness :

MaryRuth's Organics - One of my favorite shops to snag plenty of high-quality and organic supplements for the whole family. Some of my must-haves are the Organic Vitamin C drops, Liquid probiotic, Organic Ionic Zinc, Organic Elderberry, Respiratory Health Herbals, and B Complex drops.


•25% off all one-time orders

•30% off all subscribe & save first orders


•25% off on all one-time orders and all subscribe & save first orders

Ra Optics - Snag my favorite sunset glasses here - amazing for getting that circadian rhythm regulated and improving sleep. I wear them every night! Get 25% off now through November 29th!

ION Biome - one of the few supplements I try and take daily. All natural and soil derived, ION* Gut Support goes beyond probiotics to defend you from environmental toxins and diversify your gut microbiome naturally. Try the sinus support too! Both must haves in my opinion! Code ERIN15 will save you 15% OR use this link for a FREE sinus + pump and free shipping with the purchase of a 32 oz through December- just over 20% in savings!

Air Doctor - Your indoor air quality REALLY matters - save big on my favorite brand for air purifiers for your home. Now through December 7th, 2022. Use this link to get huge a discount on all models and bundles at checkout!

The Fullest - 11/25 - 11/28 - 30% off ALL Saffron Latte products from The Fullest! Saffron is incredible for mental health and something I love to incorporate regularly. Saffron’s clinically studied benefits- starting at just 30mg- have been known to support mild to moderate depression, soothe the skin, and support the immune system. Use code HOLIDAY30 at checkout.

Lumebox - Friday 11/25 only save 50% on a pretty awesome little red light therapy device. These sold out FAST last time so if it's on your list don't wait!

Somavedic - my favorite device for mitigating the effects of EMF within the home. This is somavedics biggest sale of the year. My favorite is the Ruby, which puts off a lovely red glow, or the Vedic which not only helps with EMF but also restructures your water. Use code ERIN20 for 20% off 11/24 - 11/30!

Pique Tea - triple screened for toxins like mold, pesticides, and heavy metals, Pique is my favorite source for tea. Their teas aren't in plastic bags, rather crystals, so bonus - no exposure to micro-plastics.

Spend $90: receive a sample pack with 12 premium products ($20 value) + 5% off with ERIN5 Spend $120: receive a sample pack with 12 premium products + bamboo box + Pique frother ($60 value)+ 5% off with ERIN5 Spend $200: receive a sample pack with 12 premium products + bamboo box + Pique frother + glass beaker + Pique healer's cup ($100 value) + 5% off with ERIN5

Super Teeth - dental prebiotic and probiotic to help with the oral microbiome and cavity prevention! Great for kids and adults! Use code ERIN25 for 25% off 11/23-11/29.



Beautycounter - Save big on some of my favorite beauty products from the company leading in safety and transparency in the beauty industry. Beautycounter tests against 23 safety endpoints and has a list of over 1800 harmful ingredients they'll never use. They source ethically and are environmentally conscious. Click here to shop!

Save 20% sitewide

30% off of orders over $250

Free shipping on orders over $50

Primally Pure - 20% off sitewide AND A FREE Holiday Lip Balm Kit 11/25-11/28 - Primally Pure is home to my FAVORITE natural deodorant (try the blue tansy scent), soothing skin masks, serums, dry shampoo, facial dry brush, creams, and more! Use code BFCM-ESSENTIALLYERIN20 to get 20% off and a free holiday lip balm kit.

Dime Beauty - 30% off Black Friday Sale will be available site-wide 11/24 - 11/28. Use code ESSENTIALLY30. I love their eyelash growth serum, eyebrow enhancing gel, mascara, and their perfumes for a cleaner perfume option!


Food + Drink:

Skout Organic - 30% off our favorite organic, small batch snack bars. Use code ERIN and stock up! I never go anywhere without a handful of them.


For the home:

All Clad Stainless Steel Pot and Pan Set - $200 dollars off! This is a great option for non-toxic cookware.



Carly Jean Los Angeles - 30% off with code ERIN30 through November!



Gabb Wireless - Internet free, social media free phone or watch for kids - get a FREE device with code ERIN


Gift Guides:


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