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Today is that tomorrow..

Tomorrow I’ll leave him to self settle and to sleep all on his own…


Tomorrow he must soothe himself however much he’ll moan…


Tomorrow I must break this bad habit

It’s time for us to split.

I must follow what the books all say

They promise you’ll turn out okay.


Tomorrow when it feels so wrong myself I must remind…

Go against my instinct shut out the voice inside.

But today is that tomorrow and today I came to you.

Each and every time you called, I knew it was my cue.


Today I fed and rocked and soothed breathing in your sweet sweet smell.

If this is doing it all wrong then I wholeheartedly rebel.


Because to me this feels so perfect, so natural and so true.

Today, tomorrow and always know that I am here with you 🤎


Beautiful words adapted from @thismummystory


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