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To the Overwhelmed Mother...

To the mother who sometimes feels overwhelmed at the daunting task of raising kind, strong, freedom fighting, God-fearing, truth speaking children in a world that tells them to be everything but....

Start with yourself.

Your children will see you in the moments you are strong. They will learn to be strong by watching you stand up for what you believe in.

They will see you treating others with kindness, even those who are a little harder to be kind to, and they will learn to be kind.

They will see you on your knees praying with all your might for strength and patience and a little grace throughout the long day and night ahead of you and they will learn to pray, trust, have faith in God.

They will see you speaking the truth. When it’s easy, when it’s uncomfortable, when it isn’t popular. They will learn to value the truth and speak it, too.

If you want them to be brave, patient, thoughtful, gentle, confident, courageous, be those things yourself, first.

You get to decide whatever it is you want to be. You get to choose the person who shows up for them every day.

You’ve already got the qualities you want them to be within you, it’s just up to you to let them shine. Your children are watching you, so start with yourself.

You’re doing great and I’m cheering you on today and always. We are doing this mamas!

XO, Erin


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