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Those fourth babies though...

I’m telling you, fourth babies are where it’s at. All of the love without 90% of the worries. You don’t stress about sleep because you know they’ll sleep eventually. You know that all too quickly they’ll be crawling, then walking, then running, and so you give yourself permission to let go of anything you can and just be present in all of the moments with your baby. My journey through motherhood has looked different with each baby and they’ve all been incredible and beautiful and full of growth, but this fourth baby...even with 4 other children and my hands undoubtedly more full than ever before, they’ve never felt more capable of doing what’s demanded of them, nor have I ever found so much peace and joy in motherhood as I do right now. The moments I find myself with a warm baby nuzzled under my chin. Just want to stay right here forever 💫


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