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The hustle and bustle...

The world often glorifies the hustle and bustle too much for my mama heart. It’s days that I allow myself to slow down, to wake up like this, to really look at them. To snuggle and play and kiss and read stories and give superboy/girl rides. The days I save the dishes for later and the laundry for after bedtime when the house is still. No rushing around, just taking our time embracing the little moments in between the big things. The days when I am fully present with my babies are the ones in which I feel the most peace, the most joy, the most accomplished. Getting things done at the sacrifice of my relationship with my children is not a place I want to reside. Just leaving this here as a note to self as my days are filled with lots of “getting nothing done.” What I’m doing in these day to day moments is the most important work 💛 #raisingrafeybaby#erinsmotherhoodtalks


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