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Stay in the light...

We all know there are a lot of shady things going on right now. A LOT. My eyes have been opened this year more than ever. Secret combinations run rampant; it’s easy to feel despair. I’ve been in the place of falling far down rabbit holes and wondering HOW is this all happening?!

Here’s the thing. If you go outside and lift up the lid to your trash can, you know it’s going to stink. The trash can next to it? It stinks too. Your neighbors? Stinks. At some point you stop lifting up lids to trash cans because you’re tired of smelling it. You want to live somewhere the air is fresh + clean.

I have been in this fight for freedom for so long. Everything that I’ve said or thought would happen is happening. I wish it wasn’t so, but it is.

Will I always stand up when I see injustice? Absolutely.

However, I’m in a place where I feel I know what’s coming, or at least have an idea. I’ve felt very prompted to take specific action + part of that is the feeling that more than anything, I need to protect my energy + my spirit. I need to guard my mind.

I cannot take care of myself + my family the way I need to if I’m paying so much attention to the dark that I cannot see the light. If the noise of the world is so loud that I cannot hear Him.

So I’m choosing to *try* and stay in that place of goodness + light + focus on the things I can control. At this point anything else feels like a waste of energy. This is all supposed to happen. It is in God’s hands.

I believe we’ve all been in the fight for freedom before. This isn’t the first time. You were meant to be here during this exact time FOR A REASON. You are a strong, brave, fierce freedom fighter + always have been. That’s why you are here. God saved his strongest people for this exact time. You have a purpose. You are amazing.

I want you all to be safe + prepared, happy + healthy. I will continue sharing what I am doing for my family based on my own inspiration, + I hope that will empower you to take the steps that are right for yours.

The darkness will always be there but it will only drag you down. Now is the time to RISE UP.

I love you, friends.

We’ve got this.


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