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One giant leap...

Selling your home without a place to go and buying a house you’ve never seen across the country feels kind of like closing your eyes and taking a giant trust fall and hoping with everything in you someone will be there to catch you. I’m a believer in things falling into place when they are meant for you and that’s exactly what I’ve seen first hand in these days of uncertainty. It’s been a constant reminder that even though I don’t know what I’m doing or what the world is going to become there’s someone out there who does. Knowing that He’s in charge allows me to take a deep breath and let it go. Every image of what I thought my life would look like has gone out the window but I’m starting to be ok with it because I know He will take care of us when our trust and focus is placed not in things of this world but in Him. None of this is easy, but it’s made possible through the one sent to save us all. God is watching out for us, friends. We just need to learn to trust, listen, and be willing to go when and where we feel called to go. Leap when we feel called to leap. Let the spirit be your guide and you’ll never be wrong 💛


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