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My children are my dream.

There has been a video circulating around the interwebs this past week of a certain celebrity standing at a podium accepting a golden statue in which she gave thanks to her freedom of choice in ending her babies life because it landed her there. —

Honestly it made me sick and heartbroken. I felt sadness over the message this sends. This idea that women can only have kids OR chase their dreams. That children are an inconvenience that would keep us from accomplishment. Where did this idea come from that would tell us that we can’t have children and raise them and AT THE SAME TIME chase after our dreams. This idea that the two are mutually exclusive is degrading to women and minimizes our capacity to do SO much. —

My children ARE my dream and my children are included in my dreams and my children help me accomplish my dreams. Becoming a mother has made me stronger, braver, more confident in myself and my ability to do ANYTHING. So much joy they have brought me on the way to my dreams. And while some seasons make it more challenging and there are times where dreams do get put on hold for a bit, they’re always there waiting when the dust settles and a new woman emerges ready to take them head on. What an amazing thing for children to see mothers chasing their dreams. These children haven’t held me back; they’ve given me wings. #erinsmotherhoodtalks


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