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Intuition: The faculty of knowing or understanding something without reasoning or proof. “Gut feelings.”

I believe intuition is one of our greatest tools and gifts as humans; mothers and fathers. I am often guided (I believe by God through the Holy Spirit) through gentle promptings that I feel as little hits to my intuition. Something that causes me to pause, stop, consider, change my course. I try to pay close attention. I try not to let those feelings pass me by without acknowledgment and gratitude.

The more you pay attention to your intuition, the more you practice using it, the more in tune you become. The opposite is true, in that the not paying attention can dampen those feelings until you no longer recognize them for what they are.

As a young nursing student it was engrained in me to “go with your gut” when providing patient care. If your gut was telling you something was off, you’d better listen. Ironic isn’t it that HCP’s are taught this but then many proceed to spend their career telling their patients to ignore their own gut feelings. That the patients intuition is something to be disregarded over the ruling of the one with the medical license.

For obvious reasons there is a lot of division right now. There are so many unknowns and so much confusion. Now more than ever, rely on that intuition. Use it. Trust it. It can be your greatest guide. Your intuition is valid. It’s always ok to sit with it until you’re confident enough to move forward in any direction.

No one is going to win any arguments with the skeptics by screaming “trust science” while squashing a persons most heavenly gift. When someone walks around shouting “trust science” it sounds a lot more like religion, than actual science.

I took enough classes to know that science is always changing. Science always questions and challenges evidence. “The science is settled” is never in fact so. And because of this ever changing process (which I fully respect even though I see the flaws) I’ll stick with my intuition over science any day. Even if/when it sometimes leads me down a less well-traveled path. So far in life, intuition has never steered me wrong.


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