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If you're like me...

If you’re like me you’re probably feeling very confused right now. You’re probably hoping things will get better, go back to “normal” but not sure that they will. You’re probably waiting for the day you aren’t shocked by some new dose of madness making its way into this world. Trying desperately to cling to whatever ounce of positivity and joy you can find and feel. The kind that used to come so easily. You might be letting go of dreams and making room for new ones. Changing course to prepare for a different path. One you’re excited for but also terrified of. You may be unsure how to navigate this world. The grocery store. The internet. You may feel scared. Unsure. Alone. Trying to find the light in a seemingly dark world. Let me tell you something sister, you are not alone. In some ways big and small, we are all in this together. Life just feels extra hard these days. Now more than ever I’m grateful for the protective walls that surround me and my family. The ones filled with love and laughter and good music when the world outside feels so heavy. Trying to hold it all together. Trying to keep a big picture perspective. Change starts with each of us and it starts in the home. So let each of ours be filled with light and with love. Cheering you on forever, friends. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. XO


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