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I see that Mother in you.

I see that mother in you.

The mother who is tired, stressed, overwhelmed, unsure of the future. I see her standing between her child and the fiery darts being thrown their way. I see her speaking up, even though her voice shakes.

You, the mother who isn’t afraid to be shunned, rejected, ridiculed. Or maybe she does feel afraid, but she knows the cost of silence is greater and so she does it anyways.

The mother who is out there flipping the proverbial tables. It’s no easy job and yet she knows it must be done. If it isn’t her, then who? That’s a heavy load to bare but she does it so well.

The mother who follows her intuition even when it’s telling her to go upstream instead of down. She buckles up and begins knowing the resistance she’ll meet every step of the way and yet she carries on with integrity and grace even amidst the unknown.

The mother who meets roadblock after roadblock and rather than letting it stop her, she finds a way around.

I see you, mama, and I want you to know I believe you were made for such a time as this. I believe you can have the help of angels walking beside you and flipping tables with you when you ask for them to be. I believe you have all the strength you need inside of you.

You are the ultimate warrior because nothing can stand between you and your children. I see you fighting for their freedom, their childhood, the life you know they deserve, and I honor that warrior inside of you. I am proud of you. I am cheering you on and I am linking arms and doing this thing right alongside you, as I watch you doing it so well 💛


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