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From spill to spill...

Motherhood sometimes feels like the sum of the endless menial tasks that fill up our day. A spill to clean up, a diaper to change, a messy face wiped, a meal to prepare, a baby rocked to sleep, a soccer practice, a school lesson or drop off, an owie kissed all better.

If you’re like me you often find yourself staying up way past your bedtime finishing dishes and other remaining chores, feeling like you got spit out of a tornado of to-do’s but also wondering what the heck you did all day.

Individually nothing seems very significant but at the end of they day they’ve all added up to what I hope for each of us are kids sleeping soundly in their beds, tucked in tightly by kind parents in a home filled with love.

I hope that as you go about your day from spill to spill you remember that these are all drops in the ocean of your legacy as a mother. Are we going about our day with a cheerful disposition or does each task feel like something standing in the way of the next thing? Does our attitude as we go about our day reflect the gratitude we feel for having tiny bodies to clothe and happy mouths to feed?

Mamas, remember your role is sanctified, you have heavenly help within your reach. Angels are standing beside you. There’s no greater work than the raising up a righteous and strong generation of children who will fight for what is right. So the next time you’re going about your day doing a whole lot of “nothing” remember you are doing exactly what you are called to do and you are doing it so well 💛


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