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In light of recent conversation I find myself once again thinking about our roles as mothers/fathers and being entrusted with our children; perfect, healthy, sweet souls gifted to us by our Father in Heaven. The word ENTRUSTED means

1 : to deliver something in trust to

2 : to commit to another with confidence.

Our children are ours to protect, to hold sacred and to shield from all that would harm them. Our children are God’s children, too, and we will be held accountable for how we care for them. It is our responsibility to search, ponder, pray, lean in to our god-given intuition when making ANY decision that would alter or influence our children. We cannot take these decisions lightly or let “because it’s just what we do” be our rationale.

Whether to inject them with foreign substances, whether to cut off pieces of their bodies, whether to hand them a smart phone, what to feed them, medications, procedures...we are so far from our roots in our thinking that babies need to be altered in some way. That they aren’t born with everything they need (not addressing exceptions because of course there always are).

Unfortunately we live in a society where this information will not come easily to you and the truth often has to be searched for and uncovered. We have to dig, ask questions, seek, dig some more. We are often told to tune out our intuition but I believe we must lean more fully into that which is meant to be our guide. We must be diligent and deliberate and intentional in all things or we risk losing them in more ways than one.

Our babies are on loan to us. We have been ENTRUSTED with their most precious bodies and souls and minds for a short season. We get one shot. We would do well to let go of traditions that don’t make sense and science that ignores facts, pause for as long as we need and start asking WHY. Take care of them like the absolute gifts from heaven that they are 💫 #erinsmotherhoodtalks


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