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the right provider for

an empowered birth

When you are trying to decide who to use as a care provider during your pregnancy it’s extremely important to ask questions and find someone who makes you feel comfortable and confident.  Someone who will take the time to put your worries at easy and empower you

is worth their weight in gold! 


I was lucky enough to find my midwives, interview them, and know right away they were the right ones for me.  They have walked beside me through each of my pregnancy/birth experiences and I can tell you this...a good midwife will wrap you in her arms, make you feel like a rock star, and become a valued member of your family. 


You deserve to have a care provider who will listen to you, empower you, and help you to take ownership of your experience, however you want it to look.

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questions to ask a



1. How long have you been practicing?
2. How many births have you attended?
3. What are your credentials?

4. What is your general philosophy on pregnancy/birth/postpartum
5. What kind of support do you offer during labor? Do you act as a doula or should I 
consider hiring one?
6. What is your hospital transfer rate?
7. Have you lost any mothers or babies? If yes, what happened?
8. What is your protocol if there are complications during labor?
9. What is your protocol if there are complications during pregnancy?

10. What is your fee and how do you prefer to be paid? Do you accept insurance?

11.What is included in your services?
12. What would postpartum care look like?
13. Do you do home visits postpartum?

14. Do you give breastfeeding support?

15. Do you offer support with nutrition and supplements?

16. What emergency equipment do you bring to a birth?

17. What is the protocol for a breech baby? Have you assisted in births where a baby is born breech?

18. What screenings and tests do you recommend?

19. What is your view on VBAC’s?

20. What is your VBAC success rate?

21. How do you deal with potential birth emergencies? (hemorrhaging, shoulder dystocia,nuchal cord, partial placenta delivery)

22.What is your philosophy on due date and what is the protocol if I were to approach 42 weeks?

23. What is your approach on placenta delivery?

24. What are your feelings on delayed cord clamping?

25. What newborn care do you provide?

26. Do you offer placenta encapsulation?

Questions to ask yourself after meeting with a potential midwife/HCP:

1. Did they make you feel comfortable?
2. Did they make you feel loved and safe?
3. Do you feel you can trust them to be honest and provide the best care for you and your 
4. What is your intuition telling you?

For a list of questions to ask an OB

Print a copy of these questions to bring with
you to your 

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