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Use your BRAIN.

I heard this acronym from @shanaythedoula and loved it so much I had to share. When making decisions for your health, or in any other arena, we should always be given the following information and asking the right questions to elicit a clear understating. Every decision we make is a risk/reward analysis whether we’re doing it consciously or not. Don’t make a decision until you are satisfied. Don’t trust someone else to make the decision for you solely because you believe they know more than you. With the amount of information we have access too these days there is no monopoly on knowledge. You deserve to feel peace and confidence before you make any choice or take any action.

Remember to use your BRAIN.

B- what is the BENEFIT?

R- what are the RISKS?

A- are there any ALTERNATIVES?

I- what is your INTUITION telling you?

N- what happens if you do NOTHING?

Edit: a couple people mentioned learning this during a Bradley method course prior to childbirth but the instructor used the acronym “T-BRAIN” with the T standing for time. How much time does one have to decide. Also an incredibly important factor in the decision making process.

Don't forget to ask the questions. Don't forget to put on your critical thinking hats. Don't forget to listen to your intuition. You deserve to know your options and have time to make the best decision for you!


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