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One step at a time...

It starts with small, almost imperceptible steps. Ones that make you uncomfortable, but JUST enough. Then you see that the speaking out, the standing your ground feels much better than the staying quiet ever did. Then you have confidence to stand up again. And again. Something doesn’t sit right with you and the silence is suffocating, so you say something. And it’s scary. And liberating. And you lose friends. And maybe even family. But then you see that the ones who are meant for you, stay. And that feels even better than having to tip-toe your way through life. The confidence builds and builds with repetition until you are no longer able to sit back and watch, rather become an active participant for change. Because if you were to sit back and do nothing the feeling of “what if I’d done something” would destroy you. And you begin to see that the action you take, even as one person, collectively with those around you becomes so much bigger. You see the difference it makes. Maybe not in the way you hoped, but an impact nonetheless. And before you know it you’re standing up for things you never thought you would be. Big, important things. And it’s still incredibly difficult. But now, you know no other way. The truth becomes this thing that burns inside of you and speaking it is the only way to find reprieve. And it all started with those seemingly insignificant moments of opening your mouth when your spirit told you to. Compliance makes you feel small. Part of living a satisfying life comes from knowing the truth and boldly yet humbly + lovingly proclaiming it. One *seemingly* small step at a time. #erinsfreedomtalks


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