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On western medicine...

As a nurse I was trained on the importance of medicine. I studied and memorized drugs day and night so that I would know what I was giving and what it was for I’ve passed out 10,000 medications, easy.

When I graduated, I didn’t know anything about wellness. I knew what drug to give for what condition + what to do when vital signs are this or that, but I didn’t learn anything about how to make someone well. How to address the root cause. Based off of my interactions with other doctors and nurses over the years I would venture to say that most med/nursing schools are the same. A lot of learning about diagnosing/prescribing but not a lot about actual health and wellness.

The more I learn the more I believe western medicine isn’t about wellness. I’ve never found a pill or combination of them that could make someone well. Medications are good at masking symptoms or overriding a process in the body but they usually do not fix the root cause of what is making that person sick.

I believe medications should be a short term solution. One that might buy someone time so they CAN get to the root cause. But the monetization of medicine has gotten in the way of that kind of healing because no one makes money off of people who are well. Pharma doesn’t make money by getting you off of that pill, and guess who writes our text books.

I will never deny that medicine, surgery, etc is necessary at times. It has its place and I am glad it is there when needed. My frustration stems from seeing a system that is flawed in many ways.

We are poisoning the well on a regular basis and it is making us sick. With the rate of cancer, autoimmune, infertility, etc we are surely on a course that needs correcting. It isn’t too late.

Arm yourself with the knowledge you need to feel empowered. Take care of your body + your families. Find the key to WELLNESS for yourself. Educate yourself. I promise you the information is out there for you. No one else is as invested in your health as you. It starts with one person, one family, one community, and just maybe it can trickle to the rest of the world, and each of us individually + collectively, can make a difference.


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