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No on SB276

Holding a sign that states to the very core the issue I have with where we are headed here in CA, and the rest of the nation. Va((ine mandates violate bodily autonomy. Taking away rights because of a choice one makes over their own body or their children’s. How is this not discrimination? How is this freedom? I’ll tell you. There IS NO FREEDOM if we lose bodily autonomy. If we have no choice over what’s injected into our bodies, we are NOT free. If we don’t have freedom over our own body, we have nothing. This is not a slippery slope we are on, it’s a runaway train. I am a nurse who is FOR MEDICAL FREEDOM, and I will never stop fighting for your children and for mine. #noonsb276 📷 @talia_likeitis#erinsfreedomtalks


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