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Get well, stay well tips.

One thing I’ve learned is that staying healthy is so much about being proactive and intentional in our self care and at the same time experiencing illness is a part of being human, and I believe necessary for our good health. I’ve found there are things we can do to support our bodies through sickness as well as kick them to the curb faster, sometimes before they even hit ya full force.

Here are my best tips for staying well/getting well:

1. WASH YOUR HANDSSSSS!!!! Did I say that loudly enough? In the hospital we wash our hands 5638 times in a single day and for good reason. Get yourself a good clean hand soap (I use doterra onguard for extra immune support with each use) and wash wash wash. I teach my kids to wash for as long as it takes them to sing the happy birthday song twice ☺️

2. Support your immune system with good quality essential oils. These two blends, Stronger (more gentle for babies) and OnGuard are my favorite. I apply to the feet of the spine morning and night.

3. Elderberry syrup. My midwives turned me onto this stuff when I had my first baby and I swear by it. I posted more in depth a few posts back ☺️ but my favorite is from Seattle Elderberry (code ERINW15).

4. Avoid processed foods and sugar 🍭. This is huge!!!! And so hard. I really try to watch the sugar we eat and when we are sick we just say no. You’ve heard the phrase “good health starts in the gut.” A nutritious diet is key to good health.

5. Get some good ol' fashioned SUNSHINE! The sun can be so healing and is important in maintaining healthy vitamin D levels. Get sunshine on your body every single day, as much as possible in my opinion.

6.. Stay hydrated 💦 Drink PLENTY of water.

7. Humidifier. Flu bugs survive and spread more easily in dry air and having a little moisture in the air is good for nasal passages and airways 👍🏻

8. Supplements. A good supplement is a must. Multivitamin and extra vitamin c, b vitamins, zinc, and a good probiotic (always check with a doctor first). We’ve been using MaryRuth Organics supplements for years and LOVE them. You can check out my supplements highlight for more info and for a discount code 👌🏻#erinshealthtalks


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