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Freedom and belonging...

We each started out on our own journey talking about the uncomfortable things. Then one by one, we found each other, and knowing there was someone else out there who was doing the same brought strength. Then we saw the need to unite our communities for a common purpose; freedom. A place where fellow believers in true freedom could join together to fight legislation that would remove our rights as parents and discriminate against our children. To educate, advocate, and empathize. Late nights brainstorming and strategizing and communicating 24/7...Freedom Keepers was born. The movement took off and here we are over a year later, with a chapter in every state and nations across the entire planet. It is incredible to see what can be built from nothing and the power we have when we unite. Come together for one common purpose, link arms, and fight for our families; together. I am truly humbled to think that it all started from those late nights, agonizing over this world and how we could change it; feeling so alone, to seeing what it has become today. There is strength in numbers and each of you is a part of this. Thank you for helping us all to feel a little less alone. I can’t tell you what it means to know I’ve got an actual army of the bravest, kindest, most educated and passionate people behind me. I feel so moved and so blessed and SO grateful. Thank you, my fellow freedom keepers. You are amazing and you give me strength to keep on fighting the good fight 💛


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