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$20 off first class with my link!

Rejuvenate at a cellular level with a sauna that harnesses the power of the sun. SaunaSpace combines cutting-edge infrared zero-emf technology with nature’s ancient wisdom to help you find relief. Some of the benefits of red light therapy include: collagen production, skin health (great for conditions such as acne, psoriasis, rosacea, etc), hair growth, increased muscle recovery, and improved sleep. I use the photon infrared therapy light regularly (especially in the winter), and am saving my pennies for a portable sauna. 


ERIN to save 10%

A thorough and concise course designed to prepare you for your homebirth. This would be great for any woman to go through. The knowledge Katelyn shares is invaluable, and knowledge is power! Code ERIN will save you 10% off the Happy Homebirth Course. 



Being confident and prepared to are two things I’m very passionate about which is why I partnered with Thrive Training Institute, a company that offers CPR training courses so you can feel more prepared to respond in emergency situations.  I’ve taken the course myself.  It is thorough, easy to digest, and would be perfect to gift to babysitters or grandparents. Every parent should know how to perform CPR or know what to do if someone is choking. Get $10 off a CPR course with my code essentiallyerin, good for 2 year certification and you can repeat it as many times as you need for a refresh.  They have a BLS course for health care providers as well!

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