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What can I control?

26 hours on the road so far. Home feels very far away. Not sure I’ve ever faced so much uncertainty. The world can feel scary. Sometimes I feel like I’m drowning in it all. I’ve been thinking a lot, what can I do right now to make things better? What are the things I have control over? Because I can worry and stress over what I can’t control, or I can let those things go and pour myself into what I can. Reminding myself there is a great deal I do have control of.

How I show up for my family.

The experiences I give my children.

Their education.

What I allow into my home.

The food we eat.

The music we listen to.

The activities we participate in.

Who we spend our time with.

My thoughts.

My attitude.

The words I speak.

My relationship with God.

How I spend our money.

Who I let in.

Rather than feel fear I want to have faith. Rather than focus on the sour I want to focus on the sweet. Rather than sitting back and letting things happen, I want to take action. Rather than feel despair I want to feel hope. Rather than letting the unknown consume me, I want to let the knowns help me feel steady and sure. At the end of the day, it’s my home, my heart, my energy, my family, my job and no one else’s to safeguard it. I get to create the life I want within my home; no one else has a say. And in a world that feels very out of control, I’m finding so much comfort in that 💛

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