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Thrive Training Institute

If you take away ONE thing, use ONE code, buy ONE product I promote on my page, let it be this...

As a nurse I’ve had to perform CPR many times in my career as well as outside hospital walls. It’s a skill I’ve always been grateful to have, especially since having children of my own. It’s every mothers worst fear to have something happen to one of her babies, but being armed with the knowledge of WHAT TO DO, can take away some of that worry. It’s one of the reasons I started sharing publicly in this space years ago. A month ago we had a drowning scare with Benny, and as I was running over to him I envisioned myself having to do CPR on him. It’s something that happens automatically for me whenever I come up on any kind of accident, likely as a way to mentally prepare myself. I’m SO glad it didn’t get to that point with him, but if it had, I can’t imagine not being armed with the knowledge of what to do.

Over the years I’ve thought about how I can best share this with you aside from reminding you to get certified yourself; doing stories or a post explaining how never felt right because it never felt sufficient. You need to really KNOW how to perform these life saving measures and to do them effectively.

When Thrive Training Institute reached out to me a couple months ago I knew it was a company I wanted to work with, but busy mom life had me procrastinating the process. Then we had that scare with Benny and I emailed them back right away. Every mother, father, grandparent, babysitter NEEDS this skill set and for as little as $35 you can get access to online training for two years! Take it as many times as you want, keep it fresh in your mind, you can quite literally save a life! Head to Thrive Training Institute and use code essentiallyerin10 to get $10 off! I’ve taken the course myself and it is very well done; I promise you this will be money well spent! As mothers we would do anything to keep our littles safe. This is one big step in the right direction.


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