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Somebodies hero.

A hang nail clipper, an expert splinter getter outer, owie kisser, missing toy detective, and a shoulder that has the permanent smell of milk. A meal made when “I’m starving mama” and a song and a back scratch before bed. Mess cleaner-upper and “mom, help!!!” responder. Tears wiped and victories applauded. Tickle monster + giver of the biggest + warmest hugs. A shoulder to cry on and a listening ear. Fears soothed and hearts mended. Mama. Your days can seem mundane and it often feels like you get “nothing” done. Just remember on those days when you feel you may not have done “much” by your own standards or the worlds, you were somebodies hero. And to me, that feels like the biggest, most important + special thing you could ever be 💫 #erinsmotherhoodtalks


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